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Galettes & Crêpes

A Swedish spin on a French tradition.

Crêpes and galettes originate in Brittany, France - where they follow tradition.

Crêpes are made with regular white flour, while galettes are made with naturally gluten-free organic buckwheat flour. Galettes are a meal in themselves, filled with cheese, meat, fish, or other savory ingredients. Crêpes are more than just pancakes, served as dessert or fika with decadent fillings.

At Crêperiet we have taken the concept further and our menu is filled with exciting and delicious combinations!

Real French Cider

Compared to most Swedish ciders, the ciders served at Crêperiet are dry and have more full-bodied flavours. We are happy to recommend the perfect cider to complement your food!

Our selection:

A nine-generation organic farm in Payd'Auge, Normandy. The Brut and alcohol-free apple or pear ciders are amoung our more sweeter ciders. 

Eric Bordelet makes cider on his family's farm in south Normandy. He was previously a sommelier Apergé, a 3-Michelin star restaurant in Paris. The Poiré Granit is made from 300 year old pear trees and Brut is a classic dry cider.

Two brothers run this organic farm in the Pays d’Auge region in Normandy. Their Demi-Sec is a good all-rounder. The Cuvée Prestige is suited well to our salmon galettes and dessert. The pear cider, Poiré Cuvée Prestige is fresh and suited well to chocolate. 



The cider Divona  is named after a Celtic goddess and is blended from 14 varieties of apples on the 3-generation farm in Brittany.


Coming from the east Loire region, the ciders from this organic farm are called Nectar (the staff's favourite cider!), Champêtre and Equinoxe. 



This farm in Brittany has been in the Baron family for 4 generations. The Carpe Diem Prestige is a sweeter cider, made with organic apples and fermented for 3 months in oak barrels.  

A bunch of red apples
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