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Crêperiet tries hard to accommodate all food preferences. There is always a vegetarian option at brunch and lunch. 

Please let us know before ordering if you are allergic to something! However, we use the same equipment for all food so cannot 100% guarantee allergen-free meals. 

Gluten free
Galettes are naturally gluten free as they are made with organic buckwheat flour. We can easily make gluten free crêpes with the buckwheat flour. However, since we use the same equipment for everything we cannot guarantee 100% gluten-free.

For vegans, many of our crêpes can be made to suit you and we even have vegan ice cream! The vegetarian galette De Gaulle 

Lactose Free
Most of our menu can be made lactose free at your request. We always have Oatly as an alternative to milk for your coffee.

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